Midnight Snack

2010-0722 Sasha_IMG_6553-wm

I like voluptuous ladies, and midnight snacks. ‘Nuff said


Model – Tamara

Tamara has such a beautiful and sexy look!
(2014-0613, 5:13p)

Model – Ciara

Ciara was so much fun to work with. She had many looks and easily became the girl I required in the image.
(2014-0531, 1:09a)

Model – Keasha

Keasha is a very pretty and sexy young lady and she was very enthusiastic about her modeling interests.
(2014-0521, 2:40p)

Subject – Annie

Annie was so pretty, funny and graceful before the camera.
(2014-0510, 2:31a)

Model – Josie

Josie had a deep intensity to her modeling work. Beautiful woman!
(2014-0509, 7:11p)

Model – Josie

Josie has since lost considerable weight, and does look wonderful at her new size, however these will forever be my favorite full figured portraits.
(2014-0508, 7:53a)