A Study in White

For a class project on shooting “white on white,” I think my creation moves more to the art side of the measure.


Auto Pilot, Auto Income

Is your business Hand Off or Hands On? If you take your “hands off” your machine, will it keep running? In my photography, I have to keep my “hands on,” doing the work throughout; clicking, processing, selling, delivery. As an author, once the literary work is introduced to the world, I can step back and monitor its progress. I think it’s time to redirect focus and flow.

Victorian Lisa

Lisa has a deep and very detailed love of the Victorian era, making her own outfits and searching out props. Much to our surprise, on the day of our shoot at the University of Tampa, a gentleman came along with a historic bicycle! After promising not to lay a finger on it, he cheerfully agreed to place it in the scene with Lisa. She of course was thrilled and I accepted my blessings of great things coming together.