Midnight Snack

2010-0722 Sasha_IMG_6553-wm

I like voluptuous ladies, and midnight snacks. ‘Nuff said


Spontaneous Photography – BananasĀ 

It hit me like an explosion. An explosion of color! I was in Publix for milk, lemonade and bananas. I picked a bunch of bananas and grabbed one of those thin plastic fruit bags for transport. With bananas in one hand and the still closed bag in the other, I was one hand short, so I placed my yellow bananas atop a group of green bananas. Immediately, I saw The Picture! Just as immediately, I whipped out my Galaxy S5 and snapped a quick photo. Yes! Spontaneous Photography was born! 

Here’s how I created the term, in four words: Just Take the Shot! Simply put, when something interesting, creative and/or thought provoking grabs your attention, just take the shot! Before it gets away, you over think it or Life intrudes. You see, an image in Spontaneous Photography can be purely beautiful, even if no one really sees it… but You! 

Affordable High School Portraits


RSlaton 2016 HSReshoot Certicate

Do you have a student that has taken or is going to take senior portraits? Can’t afford, or just don’t wish to pay, $800 to $1,200 for a package filled with needless fancy items? We are offering a reasonably priced, complete Senior Package; $575, and the first ten families to purchase in a given week, pay only $475! And, if you refer another paying family, you’ll earn $25/referral, with no limit (refer four families that purchase and you earn $100). Please, send an email to RonSlatonPhoto62@Gmail.com for full details.

Anatomy of a Perfect Muse

Take one creative person, photographer in this case. Add one creative subject, hobby model in this case. And stir. Results may vary…


My muse, Alisha, texted me today (yesterday actually, being 1:35am now), out of the blue with these words:
“We need to get on this level as far as editing and me posing,” along with a link showing wonderful examples. This young lady never ceases to surprise, delight and inspire!

A perfect muse does a perfect job for an imperfect artist:

1) She always requires better than your best, expanding your talents. When you move a step up, she moves two steps away. Catch me if you can, she smiles!
2) She includes herself in the growing process. Never one to let your mortal skills outshine her angelic gifts, she always wants to be that “extra 10 pounds” on your creative bar, making you work for her presence. No pain, no gain.
3) She is usually the first to say “Let’s try something better, bolder or more daring.” As your creative spark plug, she won’t let your creativity idle too long, and won’t waste her time waiting on you to speak up. She is ready to shift into gear whether you’re buckled in or not. Hold on, here comes a curve.

Alisha is all that and more; I could write a book. And last week, she suggested just that, requesting that I write one about her. Obviously, my muse covers both my photography and my writing. Score one for me!