Midnight Snack

2010-0722 Sasha_IMG_6553-wm

I like voluptuous ladies, and midnight snacks. ‘Nuff said


First Studio Shoot!

I needed to test the lights, the camera and the action, so “Who ya gonna call?” Lish Michelle! On October 8, 2015, she did more in forty-five minutes than most do in three hours! The first official portrait session christened the studio, so now to get the clients!

Alisha_IMG_7047 copy_wm     Alisha_IMG_7049 copy_wm     Alisha_IMG_7052 copy_wm

Alisha_IMG_7059 copy_wm     Alisha_IMG_7063 copy_wm

My Muse – Alisha

On August 13th, I had the pleasure of working with a wonderful young lady who promised to add spark and excitement to my photos. And she did just that! Alisha is not only pretty, sexy and talented, she is creative and fun!

Alisha_IMG_6790 copy-wm                    Alisha_IMG_6808 copy-wm

Of course, I was surprised and delighted with the results of our very first shoot together, and was eager to continue our working relationship and create more wonderful images! It was if we had been working together for quite some time.

Alisha_IMG_6831 copy-wm                    Alisha_IMG_6838 copy-wm

We had planned three outfits and three locations, but the rains came and clipped off the last location, though we still pulled in the last article of clothing; a bright, busy and colorful dress that mirrored her electric personality!

Alisha_IMG_6868 copy-wm                    Alisha_IMG_6859 copy-wm

I have found my new “go to” girl for stretching my creative mind to new and exciting heights! More great images to come!

Model – Ciara

Ciara was so much fun to work with. She had many looks and easily became the girl I required in the image.
(2014-0531, 1:09a)

Model – Keasha

Keasha is a very pretty and sexy young lady and she was very enthusiastic about her modeling interests.
(2014-0521, 2:40p)

Model – Juniour

Simply put: Juniour was intense. It was my pleasure to work with him, especially knowing that he has since headed to New York to further his name and career.
(2014-0510, 2:42a)

Model – Keke

Keke is not only a beautiful and sexy young lady, she is incredibly versatile! Any look, any situation, she melts right into.
(2014-0506, 9:22p)