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2016-0312 Surprise: Hanta & Tim

There are time that clients become a true joy to know. Needless to say, it doesn’t happen often, but when it does, your world brightens to see them again.

While working my favorite position in my home park, Animal Kingdom, I was surprised and overjoyed to turn around and see Hanta and Tim standing behind me! I immediately broke from my guests and gave warm hugs and hellos (then quickly returned to finish their photos)!

In fact, they were there with parents and other family members, that I had met during the wedding. Wonderful couple with a wonderful family!

Ron Slaton Photo

2016-0307 Wedding: Hanta & Tim

I was truly blessed and honored to be chosen as the photographer for this wonderful and loving couple! 

They actually restored my belief that a wedding can fun, trouble free and wonderful not only for their own memories but for my portfolio, as well.

After their wedding event, I decided to continue covering weddings, both large and small. 

The full set of portraits can be seen at: 

Ron Slaton Photo