Two Classic Beauties

It is wonderful when you just know things are right. Like working with a person, subject or model that just flows with you so easily. Alisha is that. This young lady never ceases to amaze and surprise me, always going a step or two further than I expected and dared ask. On September 5th, 2015, with a bright and ready smile, she was ready to go – even though I called her on very short notice, asking to photograph her.

Alisha_IMG_6913 copy_wm     Alisha_IMG_6937 copy_wm     Alisha_IMG_6941 copy_wm

There is a retro service station, right around the way from my home. Almost ten years ago, it was a closed and broken down gas and service station, though I had never seen it open and functioning. A few years back, someone purchased it and perform a beautiful job of creating a classic gas station, down to the smallest detail. However, rather than selling gasoline and doing repairs, it is (was, as I believe the new business failed) a direct mailer for the auto industry. As for me, I immediately fell in love with the look and started using it as a backdrop for themed photos.

Alisha_IMG_6953 copy_wm     Alisha_IMG_6960 copy_wm     Alisha_IMG_6970 copy_wm

Pitching the idea to Alisha over the phone, she tuned right in and gathered the needed clothing and accessories to create the look I wanted. She created two styles, both fitting the theme yet very different in look; one the cute and sexy girlfriend, and the other the wise and confident tough gal. I wish I had a beach cruiser bicycle for The Girlfriend, and a leather jacket and motorcycle for The Tough Gal.

Alisha_IMG_6980 copy_wm     Alisha_IMG_6997 copy_wm     Alisha_IMG_7012 copy_wm

Of course, I will be using that location again and again, creating wonderful themed images. And it goes without saying that I won’t hesitate to call on my Muse and creative spark plug, Alisha!


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