On a Cloud

After almost fifty years on God’s beautiful Earth, I have suddenly realized the awesome and simplistic beauty of clouds.  No two being alike, as well as no weather patterns being alike, they offer endless possibilities for viewing and picture-taking.  Of course, as kids and lovers will do, you can also seek to find the shapes and random sights they continually morph into.  However, if nothing else, they are calming and nice to look at, as one of God’s many creations.

IMAG0236-picsay (Copy)

Often times, while heading home and the afternoon is bright, I will marvel at the sight of clouds as they cover the sky.  On the days when “there’s not a cloud in the sky,” and they are gone, I miss seeing them floating there.  Sometimes, I get technical, and wonder exactly what they are and how they are formed.  I am sure that a quick Google search will bring in more answers than I could ever understand, but I really don’t care to know that much.  Simply put, they are beautiful and I just love looking at them.

IMAG0237-picsay (Copy)

Whenever I see a formation that catches my eye, and touches my heart, I pull out my camera phone and grab a quick picture.  They way the light plays with and through them, is wonderful.  Sometimes, rays of light will stream through and down to Earth, like the fingers of God reaching down to touch someone’s face.  I truly wish that my camera can capture all that I see, in the way that I see it, but if not, that is Okay.  Like a painting, some will look upon it and go “Wow” while others will simply shrug and say “Nice.”  Me, I choose to stand in the Wow crowd. (2011-0923)