An Easy Starting Point…

An Easy Starting Point...
As I slowly and cautiously move my Real World existence onto the digital landscape, new and exciting frontiers are laid before me.  Right now, I am starting a “blog,” and the reason I am doing so is “Why not?”  Plus, this blog site is by Google, and I am turning into a Google fanatic, of sorts, loving any and everything the company does.  So, I figure, this would be a grand starting point.
An Easy Starting Point...
I could not decide on what to title and theme my blog about, so I tied into the most obvious description of my very existence: photography.  From there, I can simply and easily branch off into other areas of my Life.  Of course, I really, really don’t know what to write about, so I guess I’ll just “throw paint” at the wall and hope that it becomes art in the process.
An Easy Starting Point...
I will revisit this, as often as I can remember too, adding new photos and new thoughts.  I have downloaded and enabled the mobile version, so I can create and post from the palm of my hand, instantly.  It promises to be fun, and I will keep at it. (2011-0610)

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